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Akai MPC2000 Drum Machine

Akai MPC 2000 Drum Machine

The Akai Professional MPC2000XL MIDI Production Center is a two in one module. It includes a 64-Track Midi Sequencer and a 32-voice Stereo Digital Sampler. The Sampler has 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads.

Alesis SR016 Drum Machine

Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

The Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine is a good, basic machine which is at its best when contributing to the sound of rock'n'roll. But this isn't the sum total of its music-making capacities. Of course, as the musician, you can explore for yourself and you'll probably be surprised to find out how useful it can be for creating deeper versions of many other beats such as Latin, reggae, pop, and jazz.

Boss DR-880

Boss DR-880 Drum Machine

The Boss DR-880 'Dr. Rythm' is a compact drum machine, designed for live use. Boss proudly advertises it's EZ-Compose mode, a utility that lets you quickly and easily program patterns. The 880 includes a spread of features, including 20 velocity-sensitive pads, four assignable footswitch and expression pedal inputs, guitar and bass inputs with effects, MIDI in/out, digital out, and a USB connector.

Roland TR-606

Roland TR-606 Drum Machine

Roland TR drum boxes are simple and easy to use. Writing a pattern is just a matter of turning a knob and placing the hits at whatever step you want them to be. Track write function is also equally simple. In fact, it is so easy that you would hardly realize that you are writing a song!

Yamaha DD-55 Drum Machine

The Yamaha DD55 Drum Machine is on the whole pretty easy to use. Some functions, like setting the pedal sensitivity so you can program other stuff, seems a bit complicated at first because you have to use a combination of buttons.


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